Grant's Podcast You've read their prose. Now hear their voices. Listen to Jim Grant and Evan Lorenz talk high finance, Grant's-style, with plenty of wit and historical context to enliven their discussion of today's foremost investment topics. Welcome to Grant's Radio!

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Episode 9: Capital controls in your future? Special guest Russell Napier talks with Jim Grant about the coming tumult in currencies and interest rates. 4/24/2017 00:26:52 Listen
Episode 8: How not to get rich How not to get rich: A guide for the buyer of euro-denominated French sovereign credit. And tell us again how many times the Fed will hike this year? 4/20/2017 00:13:39 Listen
Episode 7: Free speech for bears Marc Cohodes, famed short seller, shares his approach to investing and a few actionable ideas with Grant’s. 4/6/2017 00:34:16 Listen
Episode 6: A short history of excess Grant’s can only find two precedents for the market’s stretched valuation. A look back at a bullish banker who fought the Fed during a prior peak. Also, a discussion of a leak-prone Fed and a populist government. 4/6/2017 00:16:32 Listen
Episode 5: Bulls in unison A record net short position in Eurodollar futures raises contrary hackles. Hedge funds—whatever happened to them? And observations on the supermarket bargains for which you may thank ultra-low interest rates and EZ money. 3/23/2017 00:09:38 Listen
Episode 4: All together now Scintillating talk on oil, miniature interest rates and the shockingly high rate of inflation (the rate you possibly haven’t heard of). Can a self-styled contrarian be bullish on oil when everyone else is? 3/8/2017 00:15:07 Listen
Episode 3: Credit, cars trouble What easy money giveth, easy money taketh away. On the coming glut in off-lease cars and trucks. And more highlights from the current issue of Grant's. 2/22/2017 00:12:19 Listen
Episode 2: Just enough about interest rates The most important prices in capitalism have a long, colorful and-in the capable hands of James Grant-witty history. What the past may teach about the future. 1/27/2017 00:20:05 Listen
Episode 1: Grant's Interest Rate Observer How has this celebrated 12-page beacon of skeptical long-form financial journalism prospered for almost 34 years in an age of credulous inattention? 1/26/2017 00:19:31 Listen