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Hear, hear Jim Bianco The renowned fixed-income analyst discusses the flattening yield curve, the reluctant Fed and the sinking finances of his home city, Chicago. 2:25:  Everything in #Illinois is going broke 6:07:  Flattening yield curve, this time is... 6/26/2017 24:47 Listen
Rate hikes past, present and future The Federal Reserve, ostensibly “data-driven,” pledges to continue to lift its tiny federal funds rate. It has never done so in times like these. Also: grocery price wars and a tentacled Chinese insurance company.  
   1:31 - The #Fed is...
6/19/2017 16:13 Listen
Taxi! Taxi! Uber comes under the Grant's lens.       6/2/2017 23:11 Listen
The biggest pyramid scheme the world has yet seen Grant’s talks to China authority Anne-Stevenson-Yang.   5/26/2017 28:46 Listen
Best statesman, worst investor Risk management as taught by---among others---Sir Winston Churchill 5/18/2017 17:44 Listen
Vol’ is the only asset class The ABCs, and the XYZs, of volatility with Christopher Cole of Artemis Capital Management 5/15/2017 31:34 Listen
The costs of tranquility A talk with Dean Curnutt, founder and CEO of Macro Risk Advisors 5/12/2017 31:12 Listen
See here, Ben Bernanke A short survey of grotesqueries in the world that the central banks made.
   1:36 - New ETF & historically low volatility in markets
   5:29 - The unseens of the Ben Bernanke recovery
   7:40 - Lorenz on Swiss National Bank
   10:51 - What’s going on with Sprint?...
5/4/2017 18:22 Listen
Capital controls in your future? Special guest Russell Napier talks with Jim Grant about the coming tumult in currencies and interest rates.
   3:50 - Why Singapore government debt is the best long idea
   6:56 - Are there any strong currencies?
   9:33 - Death of mercantilism
   12:45 - Napier on...
4/24/2017 26:53 Listen
How not to get rich How not to get rich: A guide for the buyer of euro-denominated French sovereign credit. Tell us again how many times the Fed will hike this year? Jim Grant and Deputy Editor Evan Lorenz host the Grant’s Podcast.
   1:53 - French Presidential election...
4/20/2017 13:40 Listen
Free speech for bears Special guest Marc Cohodes runs Alder Lane Farm and is a famed short seller and bull fighter. Twitter: @AlderLaneeggs
   0:29 - Identifying short ideas
   7:02 - Cohodes on his approach
   12:12 - model
   23:23 - Cohodes on Bank of the Internet 28:51 What’s...
4/6/2017 34:17 Listen
A short history of excess Grant's can only find two precedents for the market's stretched valuation. A look back at a bullish banker who fought the Fed during a prior peak. Also, a discussion of a leak-prone Fed and a populist government.
   1:27 - Grant & Lorenz on Jeffrey...
4/6/2017 16:33 Listen
Bulls in unison A record net short position in Eurodollar futures raises contrary hackles. Hedge funds-whatever happened to them? And observations on the supermarket bargains for which you may thank ultra-low interest rates and EZ money.
   1:33 - Lorenz on the Eurodollar...
3/23/2017 09:39 Listen
All together now Jim Grant and Deputy Editor Evan Lorenz with scintillating talk on oil, miniature interest rates and the shockingly high rate of inflation (the rate you possibly haven't heard of). Can a self-styled contrarian be bullish on oil when everyone else is?... 3/8/2017 15:08 Listen
Credit, cars trouble What easy money giveth, easy money taketh away. Jim Grant and Deputy Editor Evan Lorenz on the coming glut in off-lease cars and trucks.
   0:24 - Inside the latest edition of Grant's
   2:10 - Lorenz on auto-lending
   5:27 - Warren Buffett & leveraged...
2/22/2017 12:20 Listen
Just enough about interest rates The most important prices in capitalism have a long, colorful, and-in the capable hands of James Grant-witty history.  What the past may teach about the future.
   1:40 - Nature of cycles & interest rates
   6:35 - What the current market climate means...
1/27/2017 20:06 Listen
Grant's Interest Rate Observer James Grant and Deputy Editor Evan Lorenz share the story of how this celebrated beacon of skeptical long-form financial journalism prospered in an age of credulous inattention.
   0:28 - Introduction & history of Jim Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate...
1/26/2017 19:31 Listen