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November 15, 2019, Vol. 37, No. 22

Monetary New Year's party

“The Fed did not just stabilize the repo market,” a wise woman writes. “Now, it is the repo market.” Potentially very bullish in the short run, potentially very bearish in the long run.

Take my well, please

To many an investor, oil and gas has come to resemble the cigarette business, only without the pricing power. But a particular segment of the energy market looks like nothing so much as value Disneyland

Bank of the Cycle

Grant’s casts a skeptical eye on the superlative record of the institution that stands athwart the with-it world of high-tech venture capital.

Just a stumble

We acknowledge our hapless timing and reiterate our bullish judgment on a hard-pressed pick-to-click.

CLO shutdown?

Are CLOs signaling trouble or are junk bonds flagging opportunity?

Sucker punch

Market sentiment turned on a dime when the Fed committed to buying $60 billion of Treasury bills every month.

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