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November 29, 2019, Vol. 37, No. 23

‘Safety’ in numbers

It’s not the prices, yields, CUSIPs, call dates, ratings, etc. that are in dispute. What fluctuates is the fiscal and monetary narrative around the facts.

Dividends at risk

In the past half-decade, the estimated value of the “most valuable” retail building in the world has plunged by 57%. If it can happen to the Manhattan Taj Mahal of Saks Fifth Avenue, it can happen to other top-flight retail assets including the investments held by a pair of Grant’s picks-not-to-click.

Seaborne leverage

We remain bullish on a pair of known Grant’s favorites and sing the praises of a second pair of companies which, in the ESG world, are only slightly more reputable than cigarette makers and arms dealers.

Going our seperate ways

A downshift in the synchronization of world business activity may hold an unpleasant surprise for the mass of bond bulls.

Credit Creation • Cause & Effect

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