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Enjoy, at no cost, our recent analysis of America’s fiscal and monetary future  “The road to confetti.” In the article, you’ll read some figures that I trust you’ll find astounding. For instance: the government “misdirects” $135 billion a year; Americans underpay their federal taxes by perhaps $500 billion a year; and the present value of the estimated long-term American fiscal imbalance comes to no less than $118 trillion (with a “t”). And in the context of these data, a certain former Fed chairman is blogging about the merits of “helicopter money.” Some have recently charged me with “hysteria” over the public debt and the monetary arrangements that foster it.

See if you don’t agree that my understatement is positively British.

--James Grant

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Here you will find a selection of some of James Grant's favorite titles on money, banking and interest rates including:

City of London
by David Kynaston

Citibank, 1812-1970
by Harold van B. Cleveland and Thomas F. Huertas

Fiat Money Inflation in France
by Andrew Dickson White

Banks and Politics in America from the Revolution to the Civil War
by Bray Hammond

The New York Money Market and the Finance of Trade, 1900-1913
by Charles Goodhart

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