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1. Disabled no more, October 28, 2016

Vanishingly rare is the profitable, market-leading, stockholder-attuned, reasonably large, reasonably cheap business that would stand to gain by a rise in interest rates. This party to the mysteries of actuarial science and insurance accounting would seem to tick every box.

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2. The road to confetti , April 22, 2016

April 15 comes and goes but the federal debt stays and grows. The secrets of its life force are the topics at hand – that and how the upsurge in financial leverage, both public and private, may bear on the value of the dollar and on the course of monetary affairs.

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3. Sell Big Food, March 25, 2016

Americans may be buying the stocks. They are not – as they have done in the past – buying the products. The trouble is that crowds are

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4. Gyro Gearloose redux ., February 26, 2016

The arc of monetary evolution is the subject at hand. A question for the dollar-holding subscribers of Grant’s: What’s really in your wallet?

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5. Generation ZIRP, January 23, 2015

Lenders and borrowers may be reasonable people, but they periodically miscalculate. There is feast, then there is famine, world without end. It’s the credit-related business models that come and go.

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6. Bullish on India, March 21, 2014

—an early sighting of one of the potentially great emerging growth stories.

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7. Drug dealer, March 7, 2014

A financialized age has at last produced a financialized pharmaceutical company. Herewith, a long look at an enterprise that does its compound-hunting not in the laboratory but in the stock market.

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8. Bullish on credit, December 12, 2008

—opportunity abounded at the bottom

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9. Wall Street death wish, October 20, 2006

—when even the white shoe firms were playing with fire

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10. Subprime mortgage alert, September 8, 2006

—one of the earliest warnings about the debt that ate Wall Street

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11. The saga of 120 Broadway, April 24, 1992

—the biography of a grand old New York skyscraper and a primer on the nature of real estate

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12. The Japanese stock market peaks, July 7, 1989

—how to play the coming collapse

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13. On the cusp of credit troubles, May 13, 1988

—the worst securities that money can buy

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