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Gyro Gearloose redux .

The arc of monetary evolution is the subject at hand. A question for the dollar-holding subscribers of Grant’s: What’s really in your wallet?


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"The road to confetti "

April 15 comes and goes but the federal debt stays and grows. The secrets of its life force are the topics at hand...

APR 22, 2016


"Monetary action agenda"

With respect to the radicalization of monetary policy, investors en masse resemble the sleepy frog in the warming saucepan. They don’t jump out while the jumping’s good.

NOV 14, 2014


"Let's bury the gold"

A friend proposes to strike it rich in gold by giving the public what it wants. What the public wants is mining stock. We know that by the stupendous valuations accorded mining companies at a time of stable gold prices. People want mines -- so let's give them mines, our friend proposes. Let's buy some gold, bury it, dig it up and sell it.

SEP 21, 1987

Financial History / Cycles

"Gyro Gearloose redux ."

The arc of monetary evolution is the subject at hand. A question for the dollar-holding subscribers of Grant’s: What’s really in your wallet?

FEB 26, 2016

Financial History / Cycles

"Inside ACE Securities’ HEL Trust, Series 2005-HE5"

The nation is running out of magazine covers on which to announce the coming collapse of house prices. From which fact it could be inferred that . . .

SEP 8, 2006

Financial History / Cycles

"The slowest asset"

In Houston, office rents are falling again, fully a decade after the Texas energy business stopped inflating and began deflating. Rents continue to fall in New York, too...

APR 24, 1992

Global Macro Stories

"The balance sheet that ate Switzerland"

Like a celebrity in flight from the paparazzi, the Swiss Confederation demands protection from its pesky admirers.

SEP 19, 2014

Global Macro Stories

"Beijing to Sydney"

Herewith an update on China (sinking), Australia (sympathetically sinking), and a handful of Grant's short-sale names (also sinking, except for the one that soared).

JUN 14, 2013

Global Macro Stories

"Nikkei put warrants"

The wonderful Herbert Stein remark about patience--"If something can't go on forever, it won't"--has been as good a motto as any to lose money by in this epic bull market.

JUL 7, 1989

Equity Longs

"The thrifts are coming! The thrifts are coming!"

A discussion of newly converted thrifts coming to the market.

OCT 29, 2010

Equity Longs

"Certifiably formerly toxic "

A discussion of the transformation of Innospec.

SEP 17, 2010

Equity Longs

"Pariahs’ club "

The stock market is, by our lights, absurd, but it is becoming slightly more symmetrically absurd. There is a growing list of cheap valuations to complement a considerably larger number of extravagant ones.

FEB 4, 2000

Equity Shorts

"Anticipating Mr. Friedman "

history, a man so driven as the chief curator of Restoration Hardware might have led a revolution. As it is, he seeks to revolutionize the high end of furniture and décor trades.

DEC 11, 2015

Equity Shorts

"Generation ZIRP"

Lenders and borrowers may be reasonable people, but they periodically miscalculate. There is feast, then there is famine, world without end. It’s the credit-related business models that come and go.

JAN 23, 2015

Equity Shorts

"Drug dealer"

A financialized age has at last produced a financialized pharmaceutical company. Herewith, a long look at an enterprise that does its compound-hunting not in the laboratory but in the stock market.

MAR 7, 2014

Fixed Income Longs

"For the un-meek"

If something can’t go on forever, it won’t. Now under way is a bullish speculation on a bearish set of circumstances. Anticipating the joyous relief imparted by the lifting of bankruptcy fears.

MAR 11, 2016

Fixed Income Longs

"Introducing the Grant’s Supermodel Credit Portfolio"

Credit is what we are bullish on--cast-off residential mortgage-backed securities, senior bank loans, convertible bonds and corporate...

DEC 12, 2008

Fixed Income Longs

"Klarman baits a hook"

Seth A. Klarman, an investor of private capital in Cambridge, Mass., is now, and has been for some weeks, buying junk bonds--a few issues--with conviction.

FEB 16, 1990

Fixed Income Shorts

"Yield to worst"

"The food is terrible," to quote the famously ambivalent restaurant review--"and the portions are so small." Much the same can be said of today's junk-bond market.

APR 4, 2014

Fixed Income Shorts

"Napoleon advances on Moscow"

Although opulent, the 1987 Campeau Corp. annual report is dated. On April 1, two months after the close of the Campeau fiscal year, Federated Department Stores entered the corporate fold...

JUN 24, 1988

Fixed Income Shorts

"Junk debunked"

In the bond market, this is a day of high hopes and low interest-coverage ratios. It is a day of the near extinction of the triple-A corporate credit and the rise to investment respectability of the sub-Baa credit...

SEP 24, 1984

Alternative Assets

"Soil erosion"

Farmland values climbed with rising corn prices and tumbling interest rates. Now the cycle turns. We write for urbanites, suburbanites, exurbanites and agriculturalists alike.

AUG 8, 2014

Alternative Assets

"Zero-coupon trees"

While Wall Street has disavowed extreme leverage since the crisis of 2008, foresters practice it as a matter of course. Dig a hole, plant a seedling and wait 25 or 30 years.

JUL 13, 2012

Alternative Assets

"Trump for the bid"

A coincidence in the latest Playboy: Donald J. Trump, the subject of the Playboy interview, and Miss March, Deborah Driggs, share the same basic philosophy of life.

FEB 2, 1990

Grant's Archive

Subscribers may download whatever they wish. Non-subscribers may search the archives and download past issues at the cost of $115 per issue.

To license individual articles for reprint, please email us at

February 8, 2019, Vol. 37, No. 03

An open letter to Bill Dudley

What I was writing to tell you is that the Fed is technically insolvent.

Political risk in America

Even if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez winds up losing the 2020 presidential election, one tax-related shock looms unavoidable. A survey of deeply discounted opportunities in a bond market not exactly overflowing with bargains.

Fast food take out

You could almost say – we’ll say it – that the tribulations of the American restaurant industry are a mirror to the 2019 state of the Union. A parable of ultra-low interest rates and put-upon franchisees.

Out with the old

If all goes according to plan, the post-Libor transition will be the money market’s own version of the anticlimactic, year-2000 computer-clock changeover, Y2K.

Growth? Not much

After opening up the taps to businesses in December, bankers are having second thoughts.

January 25, 2019, Vol. 37, No. 02

A 500-year bull market shows its age

It’s nobody’s idea of breaking news that interest rates have tended to rise and fall in generation-length intervals. More striking is a young scholar’s contention that these decades-long undulations are only the wavelets of a half-millennium decline, a trend that will carry to still lower lows in the next recession.

RIP, John C. Bogle

Jack insisted he has enough money. His fans may doubt he received enough thanks.

Peak superhero

Creative destruction costs money, as the holders of low-yielding debt in heavily encumbered businesses may presently be reminded.

Waldo's the name

A new/old method of regulatory arbitrage.

Hospitalized biotech stocks

Illiquid, unfollowed, undesired and battered, micro-cap biotech stocks tick nearly every contrarian’s boxes.

They ask so little

This may be a problem for newly invigorated bond buyers.

January 11, 2019, Vol. 37, No. 01

On coming back to life as the stock market

The man who could topple the Commander-in-Chief is himself constrained by a greater power.

No waiting required

Netflix, Inc. was the best-performing stock in 2018, with a total return of 39%. It is also the only FAANG to generate negative free cash flow. Herewith a connection between these facts and a collection of stocks that just might excel in 2019.

Lottery Tickets, Inc.

The rolling-up of the red carpet of liquidity makes for winners and losers alike. Within this varied grouping, a trio of investment candidates, of which the reader will confront the daunting vocabulary that redirected many a would-be doctor to

Sacrificial securities

Suspense remains the order of the day for the Old Continent’s banks and their black-and-blue shareholders.

Dancing in the dark

This poses a conundrum for the Federal Reserve: Our money mandarins are “data dependent,” or so they tell us, but on what data can they rely?

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