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October 4, 2019, Vol. 37, No. 19

The yield verdict is in

Interest rates did not just fall, the journalistic evidence suggests, the central banks pushed them. Applying heavy leverage to negative-yielding sovereign debt.

Better than bills?

An excellent security in which to bide one’s time and conserve one’s principal.

Wages of sin

Bullish on a pair of pariahs that change hands near eight year lows with dividend yields at record spreads to Treasurys and earnings multiples in the single digits.

Burn notice

Twenty IPOs with a combined market cap of $164.5 billion that fail to generate free cash flow. Counting the fiscal quarters till extinction.

‘Bizzle’ watch

There’s a word for the prosperity of the barnacles that cling to the bottoms of stately venture-capital promotions.

Just in case

On the sources and uses of volatility, a sampling of ideas and value propositions intended to engage amateur and professional alike.

Whipsaw Tuesday

Have you heard this before? The long bull market in bonds just might be nearing its end.

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