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July 12, 2019, Vol. 37, No. 14

Mr. Market’s fiscal escape route

Unbalanced operating budgets, seemingly hopeless deficits in pension funding, relentless out-migration, fearsome property taxes, irksome gasoline taxes, the threat of soak-the-rich income taxes – you wonder where it will lead, and when.

Model trains

Few have made money by approaching the ill-managed cyclicals of yesteryear from the vantage point of reversion-to-the-mean – or with the attitude that the shelf life of any management cult is finite. Maybe it’s time.

Art of the exit

You’d be excused for assuming that anybody and her sister-in-law could close a private-equity deal, but exiting is another story. Is the public market ready to receive a zombie mouse?

Scooping the CPI

Monday’s Wall Street Journal birthday supplement marking the 120th anniversary of the first edition of Charles Dow and Edward Jones rather buried the lead.

‘IOER’ made easy

The Federal Reserve cut rates on May 1, not that you would know that from perusing the president’s tweets. Herewith an exploration of an important, if recondite, corner of U.S. monetary policy.

Dots unconnected

A bull market in cognitive dissonance roars on.

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