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October 20, 2017, Vol. 35, No. 20

Attack of the killer BBBs

Tomorrow’s fallen angels come thick and fast in the corporate bond market. Not quite junk, barely investment grade, is the flavor of the cycle. Creditors may be senior claimants in the capital structure, but they don’t stand at the head of the queue for corporate emoluments. Marking the wise words of Graham and Dodd.

Bridgewater correction

In which we set the record straight.

Sun shines

With respect to the shares of business-development companies—dividend-paying, non-bank providers of credit to leveraged corporations—Mr. Market seems to smell a rat. A shining light on a happy outlier in this time of disenchantment.

Sickness in health

"It's very interesting," James Chanos told the Grant's assembled... (GRANT'S CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHT)

Risk slumbers

"Volatility does not equal risk," Frank Brosens reminded the Grant's audience... (GRANT'S CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHT)

Mr. Free Speech

"The Fight Is Real and the Cause Is Mighty" was what Marc Cohodes called his talk... (GRANT'S CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHT)

Call it 'unmanaged'

Let's be done with the false dichotomy between "short-termist vs. long-termist," Paul Singer urged the Grant's audience. (GRANT'S CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHT)

Euphoria soon

Your editor, in conversation with Alan Greenspan. (GRANT'S CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHT)

'Japan is different'

"It took us 224 years to get to $10 trillion in debt," said Keith Anderson, referring to the gross public debt of the United States... (GRANT'S CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHT)

'I'll tell you when'

First, Ed Hyman ticked off the immediate risks... (GRANT'S CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHT)

Fees flop

The long-serving chairman of Protégé Partners, LLC, Jeffrey Tarrant has spent his career identifying tomorrow's investment stars... (GRANT'S CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHT)

'Capacity to suffer'

Paula Volent, introduced the topic of debt into the panel discussion on endowment investing at the Grant's Fall Conference... (GRANT'S CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHT)

'Very, very different'

Jeremy Grantham debates Jim Grant. (GRANT'S CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHT)

FOMO alert!

The rapid rise in all things crypto – bitcoin is up by 31% in the first 17 days of October – is spreading that most powerful human emotion.

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