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December 28, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 25

Holiday sermonette

"Drop dead," Act II

Bank of Boston flash

Napoleon enters Russia

Unfair to dollars

Solving the mystery

New stub index

A 40% test

Musical assets

December 14, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 24

For 1988: Long the dollar

That January effect

Mortgage breakthrough

High finance falls down

Moody's is late

Southland sells debt

Son of Southland?

You've got to be MAD

Sell Donald Trump

1987 Hall of Fame

November 30, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 23

Commodities: a crash in reverse

For eternity

Middle age triumphant

Paging liquidity

Ultra high frequency

Man's got to eat

Commercial banks, R.I.P.

November 16, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 22

Note 13—Social Security

Note 10—Actuarial liabilities

Note 11—Other liabilities

Note 8—Other assets

Note 9—Debt issued under borrowing authority

Note 6—Loans receivable

Note 7—Property, plant and equipment

Note 3—Accounts receivable

Note 4—Inventories

Note 5—Investments

Note 1—Summary of general accounting policies

Note 2—Other monetary assets

Liquidity and Capital Resources

Estimates and Projections

The Monetary Unit; Possible Conflict of Interest


Results of Operations

Price Deflation

Contingent Liabilities of the Government

Ability to Service Debt; Inadequacy of Government Receipts to Refund Outstanding Debt and to Cover Fixed Charges

Negative Net Worth

Price Inflation

Highly Leveraged Financial Position

Use of Proceeds, Proposed Refinancing and Concurrent Offering

Certain Factors

Recent Developments

Prospectus Summary

November 2, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 21

Two plus two makes three

Junk slumps

Bonds on loan

Altman shocker

Capitalized for prosperity

Bond chaos

New contraction?

Mexico rallies

Soothsaying lesson

October 19, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 20

Hiding under desks at Salomon Brothers

Buy this stock

Tax fright

Stop trading?

Zero -coupon yields

Tax -exempt values

Junk fund survey

New junk funds

New face of junk

Third World respite

Taiwan follies

Global insouciance

The rig's the thing

October 5, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 19

In praise of compound interest

It rained in Culpepper

Yugoslavia says no

Bad loan seedlings

Global yield gap

Buy big, sell small

Red hot metals

The annotated Harcourt

September 21, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 18

Bullish half gainer

Don't call

Commodity prices roar

Rosenberg likes bonds

In Japan, it's 1981

Third World slumps

Son of leveraged buyout

Burn the Magna Carta

Let's bury the gold

Consider Echo Bay Mines

My summer in Tokyo

August 24, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 17

Dow Jones by the bushel

Texas bank turnaround

Unfair Harcourt

Silent cur

Third World panic

Third World footnote

Beyond satire

August 10, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 16

Higher, faster, louder

Glass banks

World Bank rumors

Bid wanted: Peru

Junk report

Hoisington's cash

Yield curve reprise

On -your-honor loans

Value is relative

July 27, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 15

Japanese stock prices fallen by more than 10%

Perpetual motion

Bank stock scoop

Signs of the times

Japan's new issues

U.S. Trust rings a bell

New era borrower

Otworp rumor

Brazilian politics

Pray for rising rates

July 13, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 14

Coming soon: bank stock

Rolling for profit

Bank of Japan on edge

Sayonara, "M.V.P"

Everyone is never bullish

World Bank's footnote

"Goldome is going public"

June 29, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 13

Exit Kohlberg; exit Herrlinger

Fine print

Lazard orders in

Argentine debt slumps

Wing and a prayer

Broker can't vote

BCI indenture tiff

Corporate finances flag

Bonds by the number

June 15, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 12

A big round trip?

Out to lunch

Kavanagh named publisher

Bond insurance

Restructurings soar

Very deeply hidden assets

Norstar notes

Problems up, examiner down

Tax-exempt pitch

Signs of the times (II)

June 1, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 11

All the bad news?

Free money

Yasuda Trust & Banking

Third World debt slips

Moonlight overdrafts

Sell bills

Physician, heal thyself

Citicorp vs. the market

Japanese bonds

Dear shareholder

Idiot's guide to losses

May 18, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 10

Inflationists speak

Out of sight

Gold and yields rise

Spreads and curves

New frontiers of credit

Unconvertible converts

It's your oyster

Owens-Illinois in debt

SIPC's mystery number

Back from the dead?

May 4, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 09

Testing zero percent

Brokers' yachts

The Fed vs. the Citi

Mortgage values

Third World Debt Index

Really bearish

Land of the rising prices

Ask for senior

April 20, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 08

Shaking the tree

The "L" word

Preferred horror story

Volatility roars back

Muni bashing

Dollar offensive

Credit slips (again)

Swaps at risk

April 6, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 07

Turner reports in color

No questions

Junk-bond conference

Inflation stocks

Not since 1932


March 23, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 06

No risk at all: none

Allied Stores

Bonds on margin

Japan booms on

Euro - whatnots

The stillness problem

Adopt a bank, please

Sovereign debt weakens

March 9, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 05

Wanted: any bonds at all

Allied Stores

Bonds vs. stocks

234 times lousy earnings

Paging volatility

Sell bond funds

Brazil scare report

February 23, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 04

Flight from quality

Debt shrink

Commodity prices weaken

Pariah bonds

More Nipponomania

World's Biggest Company

Let them speak

Nippon Steel

Taking a Shot

February 9, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 03

The new era under the glass


Short rates tick up

Banks get poorer

It's decided: no slump

Ray of hope in Texas

Money remain (what else?) easy

January 26, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 02

Cross off $ 15 billion


Commodity prices rally

What next? SLY ON BOARD

Loan capacity rises

Leverage indices

Mexican loans sink

January 12, 1987, Vol. 05, No. 01

Make way for another $10 billion

Money on stilts

Pawnshop common

Crooked southern broker.

Debtors Shine

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