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December 29, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 25

Bottom fishing near the top

Credit quality: the long view

Busy, busy, busy

Commodity future prices weaken

December 15, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 24

Peace and quiet

Preferred brouhaha

Euro-crisis recedes (and what was it?)

Weakest sisters

No problem: Just wait till next year

Media, media

December 1, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 23

One in the eye for junk finance

Bullish on insurers

The Japanese at home

Scoundrel time

Buy now, pay later (and later, and later. . . )

Leverage luster

November 17, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 22

Bid wanted: Television stations

Central banks "print" dollars

Houston antiques sale

Jumping on desks at Salomon Brothers

Grant's gives a debt party

Monetary percolate

November 3, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 21

Note 1—Summary of general accounting policies: Principal financial statements

The Monetary Unit; Possible Conflict of Interest



Liquidity and Capital Resources

Contingent Liabilities of the Government

Negative Net Worth

Price Inflation

Price Deflation

Dollar Exchange Value

Highly leveraged financial position


The United States Government

Use of Proceeds, Proposed Refinancing and Concurrent Offering

Certain Factors

October 20, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 20

Scoop on junk bonds

Inflation's "breadth" gains

Fredberg' s hunch

Youngstown bonds

Rally in junk people

Prosperity gets stranger

Defense fund

"Dequity," and other post-J. P. Morgan concepts

British tizzy

October 6, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 19

Disinflation disimproves again

World Bank: read the notes

Utility-stock omen

Animal spirits rally

FSLIC's new trick

The Fed rules ( or does it?)

Banking with Tisch

Money surges, quit so what?

September 22, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 18

Junk government

Bull market in promises

Inflation forecast

Tracks of the crowd (or what they're really buying)

Banks that trade

People preferred

Tax receipts rise

Beware the dollar

September 8, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 17

Reflation catechism

Inflation seers

Long-shot reflation play

Loaves and fishes

Texaco Capital's 11s

Bull-market perspective

Six percent and hope

August 11, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 16

Fearless once more


Frontiers of financial design

Credit cycles: the manic phase

Texas foreclosures

Found: a bull on business

"Perfect savings account"

July 28, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 15

Disinflation disimproves

Moist palms

Alger's chauffeur

Texas Air preferred

Sage of Tampa

July 14, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 14

A 6% solution?

Topping out

Buy German

Junk offerings climb

What's cheap

Balance sheets slip

June 30, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 13

What the Japanese won't touch

J.P. Morgan, roll over

Trade of the year

Redder ink

So where's the Arctic fund?

Reaching for yield

Saudi Arabia downgraded

June 16, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 12

Shopping at home

Only a billion

Gold standard in fact?

Bond pace prognosis: Up

Tax-exempt values

Italy again

June 2, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 11

"Guess what?"

Leverage index

Junk bank loans

Downgrades: Who cares?

Tehan gets richer

May 19, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 10


Taxing debt

Bears' tax relief

The long view

Deficit flash

Blind pool of the week

Lightening up

Fannie Mae

Pulling a Minstar

May 5, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 09

All for debt, and debt for all

Leveraged thrift

Financial stocks

Unleveraged bank

People Express

Geologic leverage

Castle in the air

More on spreads

Good-bye, euphoria; Hello, hysteria

April 21, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 08

"Six percent," he said.

Yield panic

Domestic CDs: R.I.P.

Down on the farm

Integrated Resources

April 7, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 07

TV forecast

Inflation futures

Capitulation roundup

I. Chemical Bank

II. Bank regulators

III. Italy

Deflation omens

Collection -agency boom

World financial manta

March 24, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 06

Letters to the editor

Full throttle

Reflation: So what?

Bond happy

Really bullish no more

March 10, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 05

The honey pot of yield

Risk spreads widen

Ratings' bear market

Macy's debt sale

Beatrice-brand debt

Fox preferred

Sell 'em (again)

Foreclosure flash

February 24, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 04

"lime, gentlemen!''

P.S. New Hampshire

Hopeful leverage

`junk" stocks lag, too

Oil slicks

Buy commodities?

Can it possibly get any better?

February 10, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 03

How now, Dow Jones?

1936 and 1986

Worried bears

Texas thrift

Junk, as in crummy


Blind pool

The Fed-easy enough?

January 27, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 02

Deal us out

Main chance


Gold: Why?

BIS: the stock (again)

Blue skies?

19%—with a catch

More seconds

"Home equity" in Denver

Flying CHIPS

January 13, 1986, Vol. 04, No. 01

Turn of the Tide?

Really bullish (cont'd)

Without capitulation

Breaking even

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