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December 30, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 25

1986: Junk shortage?

Fannie Mae again

Off balance sheet

Looking forward— backwards

Yield-curve forecast

Gramm -Rudman

December 16, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 24

Financial Darwinism

Sleepless money

Really bullish (cont'd)

GNP revisions

Technicians speak

December 2, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 23

Tax-bill surprise

Cause and effect

Hated theories

Really bullish

Really bearish

Bond shortage?

Western Savings & Loan

16 1/4% money

November 18, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 22

Bond shortage: a cure?

Junk revisited

Price Communications

Storer: the new look

Indispensable zeros

Petro -junk

Anecdotal evidence

Budget setback

Japanese yields soar

November 4, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 21

To 10% and beyond?

Tulip buildings

Second -mortgage boom

Condo mania

For sale: New York

Real estate bonds

Real estate zeros

Gold vs. bonds

Paging reflation (cont'd)

October 21, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 20

The Turner imperative

New Fed governor

Value in tax exempts

Menace of stability

Bullish technicians

Preferred stock: Opportunity in confusion

Fannie Mae footnote

September 23, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 18

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Junk bonds

Banks and liquidity

Interest rates

Then and Now: It was more liquid then

Wisdom of the ages

Let Them Speak: Johnson to the Fed

Let Them Speak: Words to live by

Let them speak: The real vacancy rate

Let them speak: Letters of credit boom

Let them speak: Farm credit woes

Let them speak: Debt happy.- the Fed speaks

September 9, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 17

Act II and counting

Money continues rise

Worldwide rates stiffen

August 26, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 16

Taking paper

Mortgages: A federal risk

Ultimate question, ultimate answer

Leverage: the white meat

The Mae sisters: Sallie and Fannie

Loews at sea

Silver play

July 29, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 15

Bearish prophecy

Utopia: pro and con

Ask the foreigners

G. William Volcker?

Blind pools

Marginal Street

New sell signal

The last inflationist

New Zealand reprise

July 15, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 14

What the dollar tells


Mendelson explains

Worried bull

Junk-bond briefs

Junk countries

Worldwide money

25% a year (minimum)

July 1, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 13

"This is The Ladies Home Journal"

Reckless prudence?

Bearish on business

Bullish on business

Worldwide rate fever

Bullish II

Bond warning

BIS, the stock

June 17, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 12

Looking the future in the eye

Fat and happy

Thursday's flash: look up

World's banks

Internal memo

The rich get richer

Bank rumblings

The Horse's Mouth: Paging inflation

The Horse's Mouth: BankAmerica reports

The Horse's Mouth: More constraints on lending

The Horse's Mouth: Worldwide bank credit eases . . .

The Horse's Mouth: . . . U .S. consumer debt climbs

The Horse's Mouth: Rogers and Buffett on junk

The Horse's Mouth: Is this the bull market?

The Horse's Mouth: Bullish budget

The Horse's Mouth: The Times is bullish

June 3, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 11

New bull market?

Some questions and answers:

Letter-of-credit push

Soothsaying lesson

The Horse's Mouth: Sell bonds

The Horse's Mouth: Buy bonds

The Horse's Mouth: Fit for framing

The Horse's Mouth: Friedberg to Saudis: cut prices

The Horse's Mouth: Overseas - lending drops . . .

The Horse's Mouth: . . . but not to Bulgaria

The Horse's Mouth: Paging inflation

The Horse's Mouth: Tax cuts are bullish

The Horse's Mouth: Farm policy, 1985

The Horse's Mouth: Wallich bends—slightly

The Horse's Mouth: Pro -Junk, Pro -Compound Interest

May 20, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 10

For whom the bell tolls

First Exec. accounting

Quality spreads narrow

Salt-water chartist

The Horse's Mouth: Investment Idea of the Month

The Horse's Mouth: Discount-Rate Fever

The Horse's Mouth: Technical Signals: Amber

The Horse's Mouth: Two Views of the Credit Crisis

The Horse's Mouth: The "Hidden Bank"

May 6, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 09

Great consensus

T-bond shortage?

No deflation, it says here

LBOs: Phase II

Sound banks

April 22, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 08

Bulls at large

Real-estate boom

Technical disbelief

G.O. rally

Conference recap

Bond brain

Central-bank prose

April 8, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 07

John C. Kavanagh

John Carroll Kavanagh, an authority on industrial development, a founding director of this publication and the father of seven daughters (and no sons), died late last month in Washington, D.C. He was 70 years old.

Inflation ghosts

Asset insurance

Business profile

Easy money

British rally

March 25, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 06

Bearish and contradictory

Fannie Mae at bay

Run to FSLIC?

Where's Ohio?

March 11, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 05

Oversold but dangerous

Debt on the rise

Sheer coincidence

Exit Fred Carr?

'Rates are falling'

Bullish on business

Bullish on business (II)

Nervous about business

One-decision currency?

February 25, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 04

Hot flash in Toronto

Disinflationary sure thing

What moves bonds

Golden junk


February 11, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 03

Global bear market?

What about this year?

Always lower rates

All clear?

Foreign Treasury holdings

World yields rise

Inflation consensus

Junk resurgent

Shortening maturities

January 28, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 02

So good it can only get worse

Amber charts

World yield roundup

Volvoland in debt


Tempting ARP's

Almighty what?


January 14, 1985, Vol. 03, No. 01

The roar of the crowd

Dollar perspective

Angry editorial

High -yield gold

January 2, 1985

Bond Differential Large: High and Low Grade Yields as Far Apart as Any Time in 30 Years

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