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Sell Big Food , March 25, 2016

Americans may be buying the stocks. They are not – as they have done in the past – buying the products. The trouble is that crowds are

Interest rates by the clock , December 11, 2015

Ultra-low rates push and they pull. They push business failure out into the future. They pull consumption forward into the present. Here with a grand tour of the credit horizon. In the background: auto sales and corporate M&A. In the foreground: a booming regional bank and a credit-dependent time-share vendor.

Saul Steinberg's second coming , October 30, 2015

In the 1960s came Leasco and the big conglomerate boom. Now comes Valeant and the bigger platform-company boom. Starved for income, 21st century investors reach not only for yield but also for heroes: "our thirst to believe in others."

Attention, Larry Fink , May 15, 2015

Is contemporary art one of the “greatest stores of wealth?” Not if the life, celebrity and obscurity of the 19th century French painter Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier is any guide.

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