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March 11, 2016
Vol. 34, No. 05
August 7, 2015
Vol. 33, No. 16
September 19, 2014
Vol. 32, No. 18
January 24, 2014
Vol. 32, No. 02
September 20, 2013
Vol. 31, No. 18
April 5, 2013
Vol. 31, No. 07
March 8, 2013
Vol. 31, No. 05
December 14, 2012
Vol. 30, No. 24
April 6, 2012
Vol. 30, No. 07
January 27, 2012
Vol. 30, No. 02
October 21, 2011
Vol. 29, No. 20
March 25, 2011
Vol. 29, No. 06
A prospectus for the United States of America. December 12, 2008
Vol. 26, No. 24
December 15, 2006
Vol. 24, No. 24
August 11, 2006
Vol. 24, No. 16
Pariahs’ auxiliary June 4, 1999
Vol. 17, No. 11
January 14, 1994
Vol. 12, No. 01
Trump for the bid
March 11, 2016
Vol. 34, No. 05
August 7, 2015
Vol. 33, No. 16
September 19, 2014
Vol. 32, No. 18
January 24, 2014
Vol. 32, No. 02

March 11, 2016, Vol. 34, No. 05  

A debt bell tinkles

A certain deep-subprime auto-loan securitization has run into trouble just four months after it came into the world. Casting about for someone or something to blame, we blame “liquidity.”

Borrow to plow

What looks like a tax-and commodity-price-induced bubble in tractors, combines, harvesters etc. is visibly deflating – visibly, so far, except to the stock market. The latest from Machinery Pete.

Chinese exceptionalism

On the topic of shareholder rights, America is an exceptional country. So is China.

For the un-meek

If something can’t go on forever, it won’t. Now under way is a bullish speculation on a bearish set of circumstances. Anticipating the joyous relief imparted by the lifting of bankruptcy fears.

Trade closed

The market having performed its revaluation, we lift our fatwa.

Not quite parity

Risk parity was the subject of a great debate that was scheduled to be held the day after Grant’s went to press. Herewith the text of your editor’s opening remarks.

Valeant's fine print

Reading the lines—and between the lines—of you-know-who’s debt covenants.

19 yuge basis points

It used to be said that 5% would pull money from the moon. One small fraction of 1% is pulling billions from banks. Monetary conditions have tightened, but not in the old familiar way.

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