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October 17, 2014, Vol. 32, No. 20

Case for an un-taper, Part II

America and the world are joined at the economic hip (a joint evidently in need of replacement). So the Bank of Yellen will do its duty for the world as it sees that duty. We write to refresh and reiterate the forecast that the Federal Reserve is stuck with the radical policies it has foisted on all the earthlings.

Yield times four

Savers need something besides consolation and a Social Security check. What they need is income—safe, dependable and (to the extent possible) lavish. Pending the return of the 6% Treasury bill yield, next best alternatives are the subject under discussion.

Yield to hope

The weight of debt in the world is one topic at hand. The puny yields attached to that debt is a second. Finally, just what does it take for a sovereign to be denied access to the bond markets?

America the defaulter?

A deep and textured topic is emerging market sovereign debt.

The Rule of 72—a deflationary update.

People weaned on rising prices are struggling with stable ones.

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