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January 23, 2015, Vol. 33, No. 02

Havens to hide in

The world’s central bankers have thrown the kitchen sink at a threatened deflation. What would they do in response to the real McCoy?

House of mirrors

Ultra-low interest rates have facilitated bloated inventories and grandiose building plans at a certain high-end retailer. When the roof caves in the aggrieved bulls can take their complaints, or some of them, to Janet Yellen.

Good news for a change

This publication is on record decrying the mass, interest-rate-induced levitation of the property REITS. There is, however, a special, underachieving, value-laden exception.

Generation ZIRP

Lenders and borrowers may be reasonable people, but they periodically miscalculate. There is feast, then there is famine, world without end. It’s the credit-related business models that come and go.

Chinese road show

Whatever the resurgent Shanghai market may portend, it isn’t (so far) the return to good health of the credit structure of the People’s Republic.

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