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September 30, 2016, Vol.34, No.18

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Case of the strange coincidence

A 35-year bond bear market ended 35 years ago. Since when was history so symmetrical?

House of fads

Activist monetary policy has laid low active investment management. Index funds and ETFs have supplanted the fine art of security analysis. A bearish speculation on the central banks’ own Wall Street doppelganger.

Wealth effect redo

Raise up asset prices, the central bankers proposed. The rich, becoming richer, would spend. It was an elegant theory.

One-stock ETF

What single liquid security is the best proxy for China’s frenzied finance? A certain deal-doing conglomerate may fill the bill.

Clio for the Fed

The editor of Grant’s prepared a few remarks to deliver on Sept. 28 on the occasion of his presentation with the Money Marketeers’ Distinguished Achievement Award.

Not banking on Europe

Spotty profitability, sclerotic technology, an immense book of derivatives and scary leverage: The ripples are spreading far and wide.

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