Books by Jim

James Grant is the acclaimed author of these books on finance and American history.

Mr. Speaker!: The Life and Times of Thomas B Reed, the Man Who Broke the Filibuster

“It is good to have this excellent biography of Thomas Reed, a vastly underappreciated major figure in American political history. But it is especially worthwhile reading about him right now, because his era has so many similarities—maybe too many—with our own tumultuous and dysfunctional times.” –The New York Times Book Review

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Mr. Market Miscalculates:The Bubble Years & Beyond

“James Grant’s Mr. Market Miscalculates may well be the most perceptive book on the current financial crisis yet published. What is most impressive is that almost all of it was written years before the crisis struck in July last year.” -- Financial Times

Bernard Baruch: The Adventures of a Wall Street Legend

The life and times of the renowned investor, venture capitalist and Democratic political operative.

“Grant paints a wonderfully evocative social, geographical and financial portrait of Wall Street during those early rough and tumble years.” – Barron’s

Security Analysis: Sixth Edition

Based on the 1940 edition, the new, sixth edition is enhanced with 200 pages of commentary from some of today’s leading Wall Street thinkers and doers—including James Grant. The moderns explain why and how the principles and techniques of value investing are just as relevant today as they were when Graham and Dodd first enunciated them 80 years ago.

John Adams: Party of One

Incorruptible, bloody-minded, blustery, tender and brilliant—and, to boot, a principled foe of paper currency and inflated credit—the second President is an American for all seasons.

“One gets the sense that old Adams, who understood and forgave the folly of human nature, including his own, would greatly appreciate Mr. Grant’s shrewd and witty biography.” – The Providence Journal

Minding Mister Market: Ten Years on Wall Street with Grant's Interest Rate Observer

A comprehensive account of the 1980s, among the least-inhibited decades in modern financial history, culled from the observant and witty pages of Grant’s.

"A splendid work . . . filled with lucid observations."- Publishers Weekly.

Money of the Mind

"A brilliantly eccentric, kaleidoscopic tour of our credit lunacy. . . . A splendid, tooth-gnashing saga that should be savored for its ghoulish humor and passionately debated for its iconoclastic analysis. It is a fitting epitaph to the credit binge of the '80s."-Ron Chernow, The Wall Street Journal.

The Trouble With Prosperity

A study of the cycles of optimism and pessimism, of bull markets and bear markets, and of orthodoxy and heresy.

“The Trouble with Prosperity is Grant’s best book, which is saying a great deal.”—Martin Mayer in Barron’s.

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