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January 24, 2014
Vol. 32, No. 02
September 20, 2013
Vol. 31, No. 18
April 5, 2013
Vol. 31, No. 07
March 8, 2013
Vol. 31, No. 05
December 14, 2012
Vol. 30, No. 24
April 6, 2012
Vol. 30, No. 07
January 27, 2012
Vol. 30, No. 02
October 21, 2011
Vol. 29, No. 20
March 25, 2011
Vol. 29, No. 06
A prospectus for the United States of America.
December 12, 2008
Vol. 26, No. 24
December 15, 2006
Vol. 24, No. 24
August 11, 2006
Vol. 24, No. 16
Pariahs’ club
June 4, 1999
Vol. 17, No. 11
January 14, 1994
Vol. 12, No. 01
January 24, 2014
Vol. 32, No. 02
September 20, 2013
Vol. 31, No. 18
April 5, 2013
Vol. 31, No. 07
March 8, 2013
Vol. 31, No. 05

January 24, 2014, Vol. 32, No. 02  

So close to the sun

What kind of inflation does the Fed wish to raise up? Each kind: The stock-market variety to foster the confidence that leads to a faster pace of consumption and the checkout-counter sort to protect against a return to the economic environment of "The Grapes of Wrath." Herewith a look at one of the central bank's warmest friends and worst enemies, all in the same ticker.

Paycheck to paycheck

Our pick not to click is an outlier in many respects. Its growth is supersonic, its sponsorship is first class, its margins are otherworldly--and Amazon has so far failed to lay a glove on it. A skeptical analysis of a stock that only seems to want to go up.

Ask Mr. Google

What could be driving public curiosity about biotechnology? We report, you decide.

Heretofore unimagined

Bank footings in the People's Republic represent a third of world GDP, yet China's economic output amounts to just 12.2% of world GDP. Which will serve to introduce the story of a company that ought to be better than it is.

From outer space

"Two years ago, it was a career risk to hold peripheral debt," The Wall Street Journal quoted a man from UBS Wealth Management as saying the other day. "Now it's a risk not to hold it." On the consequences, macro and micro, of the rout of the credit bears.

Your gold is 'in the mail'

Despite the Fed's swollen balance sheet, Federal Reserve remittances to the U.S. Treasury last year fell by 12.1% to $77.7 billion. Count the Bank of Bernanke front and center among victims of repressed interest rates. Leveraged bond investment isn't the Fed's only revenue source.

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