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Subscribers may download whatever they wish. Non-subscribers may search the archives and download past issues at the cost of $115 per issue.

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February 23, 2018, Vol. 36, No. 04

This is the way the world ended

Radical monetary innovations got a fair trial in France exactly 300 years ago. In the resulting spectacular boom and bust, a cautionary story for our time.

Clunkers, Inc.

You might not suppose there’s much to quarrel with in the results of this titan of second-hand transportation and known Grant’s pick not to click. Still and all, maturities are lengthening, rates are rising and prices are softening.

Pass the ketchup

Left with little more to cut, what next for the brilliant Brazilians?

Bears watching

Ordinarily, the Ten Commandments do not impinge on the legal interpretation of bond indentures, especially in very large transactions.

Let’s assume

The bull stock market is a fact, the coming bear bond market a hypothesis. Imagination is no substitute for a margin of safety.

Gross and grosser

Imagine if IBM accounted for its pension liabilities the same way as the Treasury does. No, don’t imagine. It’s too frightening.

February 9, 2018, Vol. 36, No. 03

The bond crop never fails

The government will borrow more in relation to GDP next fiscal year than it has borrowed in any fiscal year since 1945. A reason or two why Dick Cheney may yet stand corrected.

Cognitive dissonance alert

With valuations at record highs and high-yield credit spreads at decade lows, it’s the heyday of private equity. One question: Where are the limited partners’ yachts?

Bond light

Mispriced, profuse and – from the point of view of refinancing risk – vulnerable is the debt of a certain Goliath. Wherein brew masters meet leverage artists.

Bay Street blues

Visiting Yanks have shaken their heads before, but don’t Canadian house prices look a little high? Yours to ponder, Bank of Canada.

What happened

The whys and wherefores of the stock-market volatility storm in fewer than 700 words.

January 26, 2018, Vol. 36, No. 02

A cloud no bigger than a man's hand

At risk is the government's credit and the prices of the government's securities. What's the opposite of Fort Knox?

Inflate your income

The cyclical stars are seemingly aligned, except for the dim star of inflation. Now comes a survey of the opportunities in – bonds.

'More study needed'

Not even the irreplaceable heretic of the Bank for International Settlements can help but dither. It's the time for action.

Washing(ton) machines

Grant's lifts its fatwa on a known pick-not-to-click for reasons related not to where the company makes its headquarters but to the capital of rent-seeking.

Like no business

No mystery about the common equity of this particular enterprise. It goes up. The mystery concerns the bonds. Why does anyone buy them?

Breaking the mold

Whatever could go wrong as we approach the ninth anniversary of the stock-market bottom?

Still more overvalued

The Big Mac (adjusted index)

January 12, 2018, Vol. 36, No. 01

Crypto-monetary easing drive

Could the boom in alt-currencies disrupt the policy-making monopoly of the fiat central banks? What the consensual suspension of the law against private-sector counterfeiting has wrought.

His highest praise

Contagious, our bullishness is so far not. We write to freshen an equity story and to highlight a pair of fetching bonds.

Motoring City

In which we close out a deep value investment. Here’s to you, “the most exciting city in America.”

Checking out

Old-time travel agents are gone. Middlemen are going. Now taste and technology are closing in a supposed untouchable franchise.

Out of gas

Never mind sex, data breaches or intellectual-property jiggery-pokery. The trouble with Uber is that it has lost money, it is losing money and it will lose money.

Divine currency call

Yes, a certain large, picturesque troubled country deserves a break, but not with your money. Sell the stocks, sell the bonds, sell the currency.

Amber lights among the green

Not all signs are on-message, and more than a few are concerning.

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